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Workshop: Genomics of prokaryotes, Handling the data analysis bottleneck. Glimpses at Pan -Genomes.

Date: November, 5-7 th, 2014.

Venue: FISABIO, Center for Advanced Research in Public Health. Avd. Catalunya, 21. 46020. Valencia, Spain.  

Directed to:
All those interested in Microbial Genomics and Microbiology +

The Pan - genome paradigm has transformed our way to understand microbes and the rapid development of sequencing technologies makes pan - genomic studies accessible to most laboratories. However, the scientific community is still adjusting to use and interpretation of this kind of data. It is not only a problem of data analysis (bioinformatics),
it implies a change in the ways to identify objectives and to interrogate data to discover biologically relevant questions and to answer them.In this workshop we aim to gatherleading genomic microbiologists with others in different stages of applications and commitment tO the new understanding of microbial genomes. Although the workshop is not completely oriented to problem solving we expect that from the topics and experiences covered the attendants will gain in perspective and insights about how to exploit genomic data most efficiently in theiR specific endeavors.

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