National and Community Projects Unit
  The National and Community Projects Unit, is encompassed within the Innovation Projects Unit of FISABIO, it facilitates, encourages and advises the researchers of FISABIO about the most efficient way of carrying out a high-quality research project:
  • Active and personalized research on sources of national and community funding, public or private for the development of research projects for I+D+i. 
  • Methodological Support in the drafting of applications according to the requirements of the financial body. 
  • Comprehensive Management of the applications presented to the financial bodies (records, rectifications, statements…) 
  • Scientific monitoring and guidance in implementation and diffusion of results in research.
  • Economic Monitoring of the research project e.g. indicating the method according to the budget allocation, supervision of expenses, request of change between parties, developing reports on financial statements, manufacturing economic justifications…
  • Aid in the execution of the expenditure associated with a research project facing the audit demands of the financial body.  
  • Evaluation of the reasons for rejection and carrying out the relevant actions to improve the research project with the objective of increasing the success rate.
  • To promote the research in collaborative projects whether of a clinical nature among medical researchers under the umbrella of FISABIO or external as in between basic and clinical researchers from other research centres.
If you are a FISABIO researcher and you need the support offered by the National and Community Projects Unit then contact by email to or by phone to +00 34 96 161 61 43.