Innovation Unit
The Innovation Unit, encompassed within the Projects and Innovation Unit of FISABIO assumes the management tasks and enhancement of innovation and knowledge establishing mechanisms for transferring the results of the task to the manufacturing sector or any other social beneficiary sector of scientific and technical advances.

With the objective to add value to the knowledge generated in our institution and transfer it to the market and to the company, FISABIO holds at its disposal health professionals and researchers of the following services:

    Identification and analysis of the ideas and discoveries made in the Fisabio environment.
    Appraisal and protection of the rights of intellectual and industrial property.
    Commercialisation and transfer of technology to the market.
    Project management of innovation.
    Development of training activities aimed at promoting the culture of innovation.

If you are a FISABIO researcher and you believe you have an idea or a result susceptible to protection or with commercial interest, contact the Projects and Innovation Unit of FISABIO. Contact: Telephone: + 00 34 96 192 59 10.