Glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmology unit

1. Report on the corneal hysteresis with the progression of the visual field


To determine the corneal hysteresis in glaucoma subjects, glaucoma and ocular hypertension suspects and correlate them with the rate of progression of the visual field obtained.

To isolate the corneal hysteresis equalling other possible risk factors (PIO, pachymetry, axial length, age…) to determine if it is possible to identify the subjects who will suffer greater visual field progression.

2. Report on the corneal hysteresis and the susceptibility to glaucomatous damage

It seeks to determine the relation between the corneal hysteresis and the mechanical susceptibility of the optical nerve to the changes in pressure, which can help us to identify those subjects who, due to their biomechanical characteristics pose major risk of progression in glaucomatous.

3. The relation between corneal hysteresis and oxidative stress of the optical nerve.

The aim is to study the corneal hysteresis in glaucomatous subjects and correlate it with oxidative stress parameters of the optical nerve present in the aqueous humour later to identify the subjects at risk.