Health Services



Developing the scientific foundations required to sustain policies and support decision-making in health authorities.
This area aims to facilitate decision making with regards to health care by improving clinical practice and health system management, in addition to providing better access to high quality health care services and providing political decision-makers with the means to evaluate the impact of changes in the health system on: results, quality, access, cost and the use of services.


Lines of Research

  • Use of health services and variations in medical practice

Analysis of variations in the use of health services in different health areas and studies into the inadequate use of services, referrals, diagnostic tests and medication. Analysis of causes.

  • Quality of care and patient safety

Evaluation of the suitability and quality of health care (clinical audit and suitability analysis). Use of instruments to identify and quantify adverse effects. Development of methods to improve patient safety.

  • Research into health results and economic evaluation

Development of measures of quality of life and functional outcomes, with a particular focus on chronic illnesses and the implementation of measures of quality of life in health care. Evaluation of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of organized interventions, with the aim of improving effectiveness, efficiency and health care. Economic evaluation of health technologies, including pharmaceuticals, equipment and interventions, among others.

  • Pharmacoepidemiology

Research on the identification, evaluation and prevention of risks associated with the use of commercialised pharmaceutical treatments, using databases which facilitate the process of professionals prescribing and dispensing the most effective therapies, bases on studies carried out in the context of routine clinical use (effectiveness studies).

  • Pharmacoeconomics

The study of the costs and benefits of medical treatments, aimed at facilitating their use within the field of clinical management, by means of their integration in assisted information systems.

Atlas of Variations in Medical Practice in the National Health System