Centro Europeo de Excelencia de Investigación en Vacuna

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Research group
Head of Area
Javier Díez-Domingo


Lina Pérez Breva
Cintia Muñoz Quiles
Alejandro Orrico Sánchez
Mónica Vázquez Moreno
Jaime Fons Martínez
Topi Turunen
Dafina Dobreva Petrova
Javier García Rubio

Clinical Trials
Begoña Escribano-López
Esther Soriano García
Eva Jara Castillejo
Marian Martín Navarro
Ainara Mira Iglesias
Mónica López Lacort
Júlia García Bayarri



Research group history


Vaccine Research



The Vaccine Research Department studies the impact that infectious disease, which can be prevented by vaccination, has on society. This involves an understanding of the social burden and costs associated with disease. The vaccines are studied for effectiveness during routine vaccination programmes in the Valencian region, with the use of epidemiological studies of the disease before and after the start of vaccination.

The department carries out the clinical development of vaccines, studies on the vaccine safety and effectiveness, and designs and implements studies (clinical trials) allowing for changes to be made in vaccination guidelines, ensuring coordination with the vaccination calendar.



Lines of Research

1. Observational Studies

Development of networks of strategically placed researchers at primary or hospital care level.

Valencia Hospital Network for the Study of Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses

2. Clinical Trials

Clinical trials of interest in public health are performed in collaboration with industry, providing training for health technicians, enabling them to carry out the studies. In-house clinical trials are monitored using external CRO.

3. Models, Economics, Evaluation and Vaccine Safety

Development of mathematical models for infectious diseases, used to estimate the impact that the diseases may have on various vaccines and vaccination calendars. Vaccine effectiveness is analysed and recommendations are made for vaccination guidelines. Pharmaeconomic analysis. Analysis of vaccine safety and the serious and rare side effects, conducted in collaboration with other areas of the CSISP, using health databases. Studies of the effectiveness of various strategies which could be used in the event of flu pandemics, bioterrorism attacks, etc, posing a threat to the population.





Enabling kNowledge Sustainability Usability and Recovery for Economic value

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Vaccine benefit-risk collaboration in Europe

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Community Adquired Pneumonia - Pediatric Research Initiative