Order by the Ministry of Presidency 155/1995 of 22nd June (BOE 30th June 1995) regulates the annual and end-of-residence period on-going assessment. The importance of such procedure prior to obtaining the specialist grade makes it necessary to expound the highlights of the already-mentioned law.

Continuous assessment

The tutors and unit managers are responsible for assessing the trainees's performance in the specialist training processes that take place in their respective units.  Assessment has to be recorded in a document which, once completed, will be forwarded to Secretary of the Teaching Committe to be included in the applicant's academic record.
Assessment committees

An assessment committee will be set up for every specialty whose training programme has been started. It will be entrusted with the annual assessment of specialist trainees who will be graded with the marks of Suficiente (C), Destacado (B) and Excelente (A) if they get a pass, or a No Apto (D) if they fail.

Assessment committes will be formed by:
a) The Headmaster of the Center
b) A physician (appointed by the Teaching Committee) holding a specialist grade that suits the assessed specialty.
c) A tutor allocated to the specialist trainee.
d) The Secretary of the Teaching Committee, who will in turn be the Secretary of the Assessment Committee, will participate in the meetings as an ex officio member.

Annual assessment

The assessment committees will begin to undertake the specialist's annual assessment a month prior to the period's termination date. The corresponding mark will be recorded in the minutes of the Assessment Committee and notified to the applicant, the Teaching Commitee and the centre's Head Office.   

For the purpose of the annual assessment, external rotations will be taken into consideration as long as they meet the requirements specified in another point of this guide.  

In the event of a fail (D-mark), the Assessment Commiteee might choose any of these alternatives:

a. If the negative result is due to a lack of knowledge or insufficient though retrievable learning, the specialist trainee will be granted a delimited and scheduled second chance to be fulfilled in the course of the first three months of the next academic year, along with any activities inherent to it.  The specialist trainee will be eventually assessed at the end of the resit period. The contract will be initially extended for three months, the year-long prolongation being subject to the evaluation's result.   
b. If the negative result is due to an unjustified succession of absences, lack of progress or insufficient and non-retrieveable learning, the Committee will inform the Teaching Committee and the Centre's Head Office to start termination in the terms that can be legally applied.
c. If the negative result is due to extended periods of contract suspension (because of an illness leave or other causes conducive to an inability to cover more than 25% of the annual schedule), the General Direction of Professional Arrangement (Dirección General de Ordenación Profesional) may authorize a second chance to repeat the full training period by virtue of a report by the Teaching Commitee. Alternatively, the Assessment Committee might propose a contract extension for repeat activities corresponding to, at most, the entire duration of absences incurred.

Final evaluation of the training period

Should the annual evaluation correspond to the last year of the training period, the grade obtained from the Assessment Committee will be considered a proposal.

If the final evaluation is positive, the National Commission for the speciality will urge the Ministry of Education to issue the Grade of Specialist.

If the final grade is fail, the applicant will be able to take a new test before the National Committee of the Specialty, which will decide the suitable grade by an absolute majority of its members. In the event that the failing grade remains, the  applicant will be entitled to take an extra examination before the National Committee of the Specialty within a period of one year starting from the date of the previous one. The final mark obtained will be definitive.