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Genomics and Health



The Department of Genomics and Health conducts research on the development and application of new methods for genomic, metagenomic, epidemiological and evolutionary analysis of infectious diseases or those associated to microbial changes, in addition to the systematic study of theses diseases in the Valencian region. The department conducts research on microorganisms associated with human health, with a view to establish guidelines for the actions that health authorities should take regarding pathogens, diseases related to microbiotic change, and epidemic outbreaks.

The main objective of the studies in genomics, metagenomics and the molecular epidemiology and evolution of organisms and/or microbial communities is to identify, sequence, and conduct comparative and developmental analyses on these organisms/communities. The practical objectives include identification of the genetic and metabolic factors associated with pathogenicity, the determination of the genes or additional elements responsible for virulence, antigenic properties relevant to vaccination or resistance to treatment, and the evaluation of transmission pathways, etc.




Lines of Research


1. Genomics of microorganisms

Determining the genomic sequence of microorganisms.


2. Metagenomics of microbial communities

Mass sequencing of isolated DNA from samples to obtain information about the composition of the community.


The Oral Microbiome Laboratory (acceso web)

Metagenomics of the Gastrointestinal Microbiome (acceso web)


3. Molecular epidemiology and evolution of microorganisms

Studying epidemic outbreaks and epidemiological monitoring of microorganisms.


4. Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

Use of bioinformatics for advanced genomic analysis and statistical study