On 5th November 2007, the Ministry of Healthcare and Consumption granted the Fundación Oftalmológica del Mediterráneo (FOM) the first accreditation enabling ophthalmology residents to  take postgraduate training. Currently, the FOM's training offer does not usually admit more than one resident per year; nonetheless, this number may vary according to the opinions from the Teaching Committee, the Hospital's Head Offiice, the regional Department of Healthcare and the Ministry of Healthcare and Consumption.

Specialized training will have a duration of four years.

Attached herewith is a programme by the National Commission of Medical Specialties and ratified by the National Council of Specialties in Health Sciences, which is an advisory body that assists both the Ministry for Education and the Ministry for  Healthcare and Social Policiies in medical specialized training.  (Order SAS/3072/2009). This has laid the groundwork for the Teaching Committee to create the Training Guide for the FOM's interns.

The first ophthalmology medical residency at the FOM was in the academic year 2009/2010.

Training Guide

The observance of current legislation and specialized training suitability make it necessary to establish goals for each FOM's unit. In a meeting dated on 26th February 2009, the Teaching Committee approved the creation of a Training Guide reflecting all the goals mentioned.

The ultimate goal is to organize, programme and supervise the FOM's teaching activity in order to enhance the interns's training process.

This guide is available to them.

Resident's Guide

Since 2008, the Teaching Committee has been editing an annual Resident's Guide with general information. Updated year after year, it is handed over to residents when they join us.