The functions of the Teaching Committee are provided in the Order of the Ministry of the Presidency (BOE no.155 of  30th June 1995):

  • Organization and management of activities regarding the training for specialists that take place at the Centre, and fulfilment control of the targets that make up their training programmes.  
  • Supervision of  the practical training as well as its integration within the framework of the Centre's emergency/ordinary healthcare activity.
  • Annual programming of the Centre's specialized training activities and creation of individual plans for each training specialist in accordance with the programmes approved, for each specialty, by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  • Report on the proposal of an annual provision of specialized training places addressed to the Centre's Manager or the Director.
  • Submission of a report addressed to the Administrative Authority in the event that the current regulations on specialized training are infringed.
  • Request for teaching audits at the Centre should circumstances make it necessary.
  • Composition of any reports requested by the ministries of Education, Science and Innovation and Health and Social Policy.
  • Preparation and approval of the Annual Report of specialized training activities carried out at the Centre.
  • Under the President's responsability, direction and coordination of activities by the programme tutors, supervision over fulfilment of training programmes for different specialties, and management of material and human resources specifically allocated to the Centre's teaching activity.