Clinical Trials

Each one of the Clinical Units of FISABIO-Medical Ophthalmology (FOM) combines its health care activity with the research field. Thus, each Unit develops its own lines of investigation where they analyze new treatments; they study new surgical techniques and investigate in the improvement of current treatments.

The FOM complies with the strictest quality indications that European and International directives demand and, for this, it has been accredited as European Centre of Excellence for the development of clinical trials for the European Institute of Vision.   

This certificate is recognition of the procedural standards of excellence during the development of the clinical trials, which places FOM among the prestigious European centres that possess this accreditation.   

In addition, this certificate guarantees that the trials that FOM carry out, are destined to improve some of the ocular diseases which affect the patients, they have all the necessary guarantees to employ the new treatments that the most important laboratories in the world have in test phase.  

The European Institute of Vision, through the European Vision Institute Clinical Trials Sites of Excellence (EVI.CT.SE), awards this accreditation, whose objective is to guarantee the high standard of quality and excellence in the work carried out by its members, as well as the promotion of clinical researches developed by various centres at the same time.