Observerships and Fellowships

FISABIO-Medical Ophthalmology offers the possibility of observerships (specialized training or continuous training for non-residents) and fellowships.

Short training programmes


Normally, hospital internships are carried out by virtue of some institutional agreement.

Authorization agencies for the degrees in Medicine, Nursery, Optics & Optometry, Pharmacy, Biology, Psicology, Chemistry & Physics will be the Teaching and Research Committee (Comisión de Docencia), which will in turn entrust the Sub-Directorate for Nursery to issue authorization for the degrees in Nursery, Physiotherapy and health-related vocational training studies (Formacion Profesional).

Applicants have to submit the following documents to the Teaching and Research Committee (Comisión de Docencia):

Application form for the training programme with approval by the tutor/teacher/headmaster detailing goals, unit and period of time.
Document certifying healthcare and accident insurance.
Curriculum vitae
Specialized training-Medical Internship (MIR)

The requesting Teaching and Research Committee will send an official application to the FOM's Teaching and Research Committee (Comisión de Docencia-FOM) specifying unit, stay duration and preferred dates.

The FOM's Teaching and Research Committee will request authorization to the corresponding unit and, later on, communicate the decision to the Teaching and Research Committee of origin.

Continuous training-Non-resident professionals

It includes all  national/foreign graduates who are not taking any specialist medical training (residencia) and may -or may not- hold a specialist degree. Maximum duration of an observer's stay will be six months.

The Teaching and Research committee will evaluate special cases.

The interested will have to fill in an application form which will be duly signed, dated and sent to the Teaching and Research Committee (Comisión de Docencia).

Foreign students or professionals will have to follow procedures requested by the Spanish Ministry of Health (Authorization for training stays for Foreign Citizens-Autorización de Estancias Formativas de Ciudadanos Extranjeros).  

Application forms for training programmes

Application form for professionals or national students

Application form for training programme

Training programme procedure

Forms for professionals or foreign students:
Information about short training programmes (Spanish version)

Request form for training programmes (Spanish version)

Long training programmes/ fellowships.
  FOM  also offers a possibility to take long training stays or fellowships.

For further information, please send an e-mail to the Teaching and Research Committee (Comisión de Docencia) indicating your request on