Ageing and Neurodegeneration
  The research area in Ageing and Neurodegeneration of FISABIO- Medical Ophthalmology (FOM) aims at the search and experimental development of new strategies and treatments to improve the various types of eye diseases in our society. In its research facilities, FOM develops the different experimental lines among the research we find on the degeneration of ocular tissues.        

Our research group has focused on the role of free radicals and their pathophysiological consequences on the different ocular structures. Oxidative stress is found in a large amount of pathophysiological processes and greater knowledge of it leads to a wider understanding of these mechanisms, and to the possibility of developing therapeutic tools best suited to each case.  

Illnesses that affect the nervous system, especially those that lead to neurodegeneration, are of special interest in the forming of natural antioxidant compounds or a therapeutic neuroprotective arsenal of undeniable importance.