Teaching is an essential part of the FOM philosophy.

Ophthalmology is a speciality in constant evolution. The development of new technologies for both medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment of the ocular pathologies obliges us to learn constantly to offer our patients the best care quality.   

One of the hallmarks of the FOM is TEACHING which takes up a big part of our daily work. Our aim is to train great professionals who provide society with a high-level Ophthalmology.

Our teaching program offers trainings for different professionals: ophthalmologists with different subspecialties, both national and international; residents from the FOM and residents from other Spanish hospitals who apply for an external rotation to their Teaching Committee; nurses and optometrists; nursing aides; as well as students from any of these groups.

There is no greater reward than seeing our effort reflected in our patients’ satisfaction.

Dr Mª Carmen Desco
Teaching Coordinator