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Miguel Ángel Martínez


Oscar Zurriaga
Carmen Barona
Vicenta Escribà
Ana Fullana
Rosa Mas Pons
Gonzalo García-Donato
Joan Josep Paredes
Dory Aviño
Carmen López-Briones
David Martín
Rubén Amorós

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Health Inequalities



Inequality in health is a term used to refer to any difference in health between populations, that is to say the spread of disease, causes of death, risk factors, and other aspects related to health.

The Department of Inequalities in Health promotes research about differences in health between populations, focussing especially on the study of social inequalities in health. Research in this area aims to bring about further studies on the social aspects of health, given the lack of information on this topic in our area.


Lines of Research

1. Spatial epidemiology and small area methods of analysis

The main task of this line of research is the methodological development of analysis techniques and putting them into practice, with a particular focus on the study of inequalities in health due to geographical/temporal factors. It is focussed primarily on the following areas of study: statistical and epidemiological analysis of spatial data, statistical and epidemiological analysis of temporal data, and the development of techniques for research in inequalities.

2. Gender and Health

This line of research focuses on the analysis of the impact of inequalities in gender and class on state of health and its determinants. It also analyses differences in psychological wellbeing of mothers and fathers with small children according to gender, including the role of psychosocial and personal factors, the design and validation of the instruments used to measure state of health and quality of life, with a focus on gender, domestic violence, and inequalities in reproductive health.

3. Social determinants of health

This line of research bases its research on the different methods which can be used to monitor inequalities in health in population studies.

4. Child health

This area carries out research regarding child health and its determinants, especially with regards to aspects which can lead to inequalities in this population group. It also investigates the effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving the state of health during infancy.

5. Perinatal health

This area carries out research regarding reproductive and perinatal health and the identification of risk factors on health during this period. It also incorporates the results from this research into the designing of strategies to prevent or alleviate such health problems, whilst also analysing the effectiveness of these strategies.




Temporal-space mortality Atlas in Valencia Region

Authors: Oscar E. Zurriaga Lloréns, Miguel Ángel Martínez Beneito, Paloma Botella Rocamora, Antonio López Quílez, Inmaculada Melchor Alós, Alberto Amador Iscla, Hermelinda Vanaclocha Luna, Joan Andreu Nolasco Bonmatí.

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