The Clinical Research Ethics Committee (Comité Etico de Investigación Clínica -CEIC ) of FISABIO-Oftalmología Médica (FOM), accredited by the regional Ministry for Healthcare (Conselleria de Sanitat de la Comunitat Valenciana) on 5th September 2005 is an independent organization, formed by health and non-health professionals. It is responsible for safeguarding and offering a public guarantee on the rights, safety and welfare of all patients/subjects taking part in a clinical trial. By means of a verdict on the trial protocol, such principle encompasses suitability of researchers, appropriateness of facilities as well as any methods and documents used to inform trial subjects and obtain their informed consent.
Professor Francisco Javier Romero Gómez

Technical Secretary:
Mónica Hernández Hernández
Tel: 0034 96 232 81 43
Fax:0034 96 232 81 02
E-mail: hernandez_monher@gva.es


Clinical trial sponsors have to submit a written request to obtain verdict by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee.  Attached is a document specifying documentantion to be forwarded and application models required

Download documents and models

Standard Operating Procedures by the Clinical Research  Ethics Committe are public. Kmowledge of their contents apply to -and are at disposal of- sponsors and teams involved in research studies.

Click on this link to download  the Standard Operating Procedures by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CREC) of FISABIO -Medical Opthalmology (FOM) .