Research Ethics Committee                                                                                                                                                                             

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) of FISABIO – Medical Ophthalmology is an independent organization, formed by health professionals and non-health members, responsible for ensuring the protection of rights, safety and welfare of subjects/patients participating in studies or biomedical research projects, and offering a public guarantee through a verdict about the documentation of the study or research project.

The REC was constituted on January 13rd, 2018 at the end of the transitional period established in the RD 1090/2015 of Spanish Constitution, and has its antecedent in the Ethical Committee for Clinical Research of FISABIO – Medical Ophthalmology, accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Valencian Government, on September 5th, 2005. The REC assumes the functions related to the Biomedical Research Law 14/2007 and the RD 1716/2011, both laws of the Spanish Constitution.

The REC will evaluate those basic and applied research projects that require the participation of subjects (healthy or sick), that involve the use of biological samples with human origin or that require the use of personal and clinical data.

The REC of FISABIO –  Medical Ophthalmology can only evaluate research projects and clinical studies that are NOT related to drugs or medical devices. The REC evaluates the project BEFORE it starts, and also approves and carries out a study follow-up.
Gisela Carmona Ibáñez

Technical Secretary:
María Elisa García Capdevilla
Telf.: 0034 96 278 76 20
Fax: 0034 96 386 96 96



The Principal Investigator of the study must request the written veredict of the Research Ethics Committee. The following information includes the documentation to be submitted, as well as the required application models.

Click on these links to download the documents (in Spanish only):

Guía de preparación de un proyecto de investigación
Compromiso del investigador principal

Compromiso del colaborador

Idoneidad de las instalaciones