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Head of research area:

Dolores Salas
Mercedes Vanaclocha
Josefa Ibáñez
Rosana Peiró
Cristobal Llorens
Mercedes Andrés



Carolina Chaparro
Elena Pérez
Marisa Vicente
Xelo Sabater
Susana Castany
Vicent Villanueva
Cándida Vicente

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Cancer and Public Health



The team develops research projects for the evaluation of the cancer continuum from a public health perspective. We work on the monitoring of the cancer situation, the identification of the determinants of cancer and the evaluation of the quality and impact of the cancer prevention and control strategies.


All the projects include the perspective of equity, i.e. they evaluate whether there are inequalities due to social reasons in the exposure to risk factors, in the access to cancer prevention and control services, and in health outcomes.



Research topics

1. Identification of cancer determinants

Identification of genetic, environmental and social factors associated with the most prevalent cancers (breast, prostate, colorectal, gastric and leukemia). Analysis of mammographicdensity as a risk factorof breast cancer.

2.  Evaluation of cancer prevention and control strategies

Study of the balance between benefits and adverse effects of cancer screening programs. Identification of new diagnostic screening tests that will increase the benefits and reduce the adverse effects. Evaluation of the quality and impact indicators of cancer screening programs.

3. Information on cancer for the population

Study of the quality of the information offered to the population related to cancer and cancer screening. Analysis of the cancer and e-health literacy in the population.

4. Monitoring of the cancer situation

Analysis of the cancer and health information systems to describe, monitor and evaluate the cancer situation. Survival studies based on tumour registries.

5. Cancer inequalities

Analysis of inequalities in the cancer continuum as a consequence of the intersection of the social determinants of health inequalities.





We participate in iPAAC - Innovative Partnership for Action Against Cancer

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