FISABIO-Oftalmología Médica (FOM) has pioneered the implant of custom-made intraocular telescopes, intended for patients with myopia magna. A double lens system is implanted in the eye and works as Galileo's telescope, which enhances visual acuity of low vision patients.

This system involves the implant of an biconcave intraocular lens with high negative power in the posterior chamber of the eyeball and, at the same time, the implant of a biconvex intraocular lens with high positive power in the anterior one. Both lenses allow us to enlarge the size of the retinal image by 20%-30% (compatible with ambulation) and therefore improve eyesight.

The implant of this double lens entails another advantage: the patient's visual field remains at 80 degrees, which contrasts with other systems that will reduce it down to 20 degrees. This possibilitates the implant in both eyes, a crucial factor for the patient to preserve binocularity.

FISABIO-Oftalmología Médica (FOM) is the only hospital in Spain offering this system for high myopic patients in a personalized way; thus, lenses used are not standard, but adapted to the needs of each one.

FOM has created a complex software website enabling the patient to estimate the suitability and the post-implant outcome of this double lens system.  Previously and with and an absolute certainty, this gives us a chance to know refraction and vision improvement in the aftermath of surgery.
A new microweb will provide information about the Intraocular Telescope, the type of patient it can be addressed to as well as how to calculate it. This service will be available in due course.