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Research Group
Area Coordinator
Ferran Ballester

Carmen Iñiguez
Marisa Estarlich
Mario Murcia
Mª José López
Sabrina Llop 
Ana Esplugues
Clara Rodríguez
Olga Costa

History research group

Environment and Health



We aim to evaluate the impact of environmental risks on health by measuring the degree of exposure to risks, developing biomarkers and evaluating the relationship between these factors and the incidence of disease. This impact is evaluated from different perspectives; from environmental pollution (using exposure biomarkers) to climate change (heat waves and cold snaps), and the impact of certain technologies that have an affect on the environment (mobile phones, high voltage power lines, etc.).



Lines of Research
1. Children and the Environment (INMA Project)

A cohort study, conducted in collaboration with other research centres in Spain, with the aim of sharing methodologies and knowledge about the effects that the environment can have on children's health. Environmental health indicators can by developed by means of evaluating levels of exposure to pollution during gestation and early childhood, and evaluating the impact of the most common environmental pollutants along with the protective factors of diet on foetal growth and neuroendocrine-immune system development.

2. Environmental pollution and Health

Studying the relationship between air pollution and its impact on population health, through the development of multicentric studies such as EMECAS or APHEA.
3. Weather and Climate

Evaluating the relationship between climatological factors and meteorological variables, predominantly environmental temperature and health, in addition to the public health measures that can be taken to minimize the impact of the foreseeable climate changes in the future. Currently, we are working on the TEMPRO-EMECAM project with bases in 16 Spanish cities, and also the European projects PHEWE and EUROHEAT.


Major Projects
Aphekom Improving Knowledge and Communication for Decision Making on Air Pollution and Health in Europe