Customized Intraocular Telescopes
  The adaptation of Galileo-type customized intraocular telescopes is investigated, with the aim to improve the vision of patients affected with DME and other pathologies which severely reduce the visual capabilities.   

The theoretical study of the problem enables you to determine, before the intervention, what type of lenses will be used in each case to provide an improved vision for the patient. Increasing retinal image and the appropriate field of vision will give the patient a sufficient visual quality to get on with an ordinary life.  

FISABIO- Medical Ophthalmology has created a web page in which is made available to those interested in a complex computer programme that allows you to calculate which patient will do well on this double lens system and what is the result that you obtained after the implant. Entering the micro web and with more detail what makes up the intraocular telescope, which patients can benefit and how to calculate it.