The study of neurodegenerative and inflammatory markers in uveoretinitis
  Most of the uveitis are an acute problem which can be resolved with topical treatment of corticoids, but while this is true in the majority of previous acute uveitis, many of the other forms have become chronic and require continuous treatment, which makes the use of corticoids difficult.    

The uveitis are responsible for 10% of blindness in people under the age of 65, a number close, for example, to diabetic retinopathy, this can give the idea of its seriousness.

This disease is of recent interest caused by the importance of the neurodegenerative mechanisms. In our study one of the objectives is to study some neurodegenerative mechanisms and inflammatory in uveorentiritis. The study will develop through an experimental animal model by the uveitis induction by endotoxin.    

In addition, since the active oxygen and nitrogen species have been involved in pathogenesis and complications, the intention is to assess the possible therapeutic effect of various antioxidants comparing them with compounds already used by the research group on this disease, as well as with other medicines for the treatment of uveitis without discarding the potential contribution to explain the pathophysiological routes involved.